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The Seed



Bella was young & Bella was fair with bright blue eyes & golden hair,
Oh unhappy Bella.

Her step was light & her heart was gay but she had no sense, she had no sense & got herself in a family way.
With a wicked heartless deceiver.

Bella was young she didn’t believe the world is hard & men deceive,
Oh unhappy Bella.

She said my man will do what’s just he’ll marry me now because he must, her heart was full of trust.
In a wicked heartless deceiver.

She went to his house the dirty skunk had packed his bags & done a bunk,
Oh unhappy Bella.

Her landlady said WHORE! I won’t have you darken my door, Bella was put out sore.
By a wicked heartless deceiver.

All night she tramped the cruel snow,
What she must have suffered nobody knows.

And when the morning dawned so red,
Alas, alas poor Bella was dead.

And into the grave they laid her low.
And the men said alas but life is so.

And the women chanted sweet & low,
Its all the men.. the dirty bastards.