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The stunning Eliza Jaye. Wow! It took a couple of songs for me to really get to grips with Eliza and to say she has presence is an understatement. Confidently standing alone with her gorgeous Les Paul, her style and personality dominated the room. This lady packs a punch. It took me a while to pinpoint who she reminds me of, Patti Smith, but only a little; Eliza has an individual sound all of her own. Crimson Lipstick was the song that stood out for me along with Marmalade and her cover of Lilac Wine. All hauntingly sung, Eliza is a pleasure to watch, it’s clear to say she loves what she does and lives the moment of each song. Brilliant! Enough said. Oh except her album is out on 26th July, ‘The Seed’, go grab it.

Kelly Farrell, Brighton Noise

Middle Child

The 1st quarter of 2020

Sugar Cane03:32
Run Like The Nile02:51
Déjà Vu04:00
My Sunrise03:34
I Do03:29
This Desert03:51
Take The Time03:43

The Seed

Bella Explicit03:51listenLyrics
Needs Must03:12watchlistenLyrics
Love Potion Explicit03:38listenLyrics
Merry Lee03:35listenLyrics
Crimson Lipstick04:30watchlistenLyrics
Glass Poppies04:23listen
Big Tin Heart03:18watchlistenLyrics
Black Heart Rum03:00watchlistenLyrics


Lauded as a powerhouse performer, Eliza Jaye has spent decades developing her craft, and often leaves her audience bewitched by its purity and depth.

Eliza Jaye trained as a classical violinist from age five, learning her instrument by listening, as opposed to reading sheet music. This allowed her imagination to flourish and helped her to develop an acute ear for all things musical.

As a teen, her love of pulling apart music and uncovering the technique behind it, inspired her to pick up the guitar and use it to write. The interplay of textures created by the guitar and her violin complimented her gift for singing and it wasn’t long before Eliza Jaye received a scholarship to study music in her home city of Sydney. After school, she started a degree in Opera but left early, having been drawn to the life of a traveller and artist.

Eliza has now spent many years touring throughout Europe and the UK, guesting with various artists and performing her own music. Living in her camper-van-cum-mobile-recording-studio during this time nurtured her love of the freedom and being on the road.

As an artist and musician I draw inspiration from my environment and, living on the road, means having access to a constantly changing environment. One day I could be in a forest the next day by the sea or in a foreign country.

The single “Deja Vu” from Eliza’s latest album, “Middle Child”, was written while in Perpignan, in the south of France. The ambiance of the place, the vastness of the sea, the smell of lemon sugar crepes and the carousel painted with mermaids were all distilled into the writing of the song.

Eliza has produced and recorded two albums of material inspired by ideas spanning her lifetime. One track on “The Seed” was written at her grandma’s house when Eliza was nine.

Material seems to distill in me over time and is often drawn from feelings of nostalgia.

My story

Hello friends,

As some of you may know, I’m currently having a break from performing and concentrating on my health.

My blog and Facebook feeds below describe my journey. Please like and share. You’re comments and messages of encouragement are always appreciated.

Much love, Eliza.

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